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Some simple handling of generator faults
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Diesel generator sets for a long time because there is no maintenance for a long time, there is a deviation between the components, resulting in abnormal, in fact, as long as a slight adjustment can be restored to normal, so we should have the ability to deal with simple failure in the generator set in the event of failure , There is a first adjustment to see if the lifting of the fault. In the adjustment of attention to the following aspects:


   1. Adjust the regulator: diesel generator in the course of the use of charging ammeter pointer does not move, the charging current is too large or too small and other failures, you need to adjust the regulator. If the battery charge current is too large, will make the battery life shortened; too small can not give the battery on time charge. When working on a diesel generator, if the charging current meter shows that the charging current is too large, adjust the current limiting spring of the regulator so that the spring is shortened, and the current will decrease, and the current will increase. In the adjustment process, pay attention to force not too much, should be gently touch until the requirements meet.


   2. The oil pressure adjustment: diesel generators lubrication methods are generally two: pressure lubrication and splash lubrication, diesel generator lubrication quality and oil pressure is a great relationship, so the diesel generator at work must The oil pressure should be controlled within the effective range.


   3. The decompression of diesel engine adjustment: In the winter, the use of diesel generators in the process, due to cold weather or battery power shortage and other reasons, will lead to difficult to start. At this point should be on the diesel engine valve pressure reduction method to reduce the compression ratio, improve the starting resistance, the diesel generator set to start.


   4. Fan belt adjustment: diesel generator fan belt elastic should be just right. If too tight will lead to direct current generator bearings, water pump bearings, fan bearing wear and tear intensified, if the belt is too loose will cause the fan air volume is insufficient, affecting the cooling effect of cooling water, while the generator output voltage decreases, the pump flow is reduced, To the use of requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the fan belt according to the requirements.