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The advantages of the Cummins generator (United States)
- Feb 05, 2018 -

The dynamo produced by Cummins is known as the Cummins generator. It is widely used in roads, buildings, hotels, factories and mines, power stations and other places. It is widely used in heavy trucks, medium-sized trucks, bus and other road vehicles, as well as construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, ships and railways and other non highway equipment. Cummins generator features the Cummins generator as the leader of the world generator. It is known for its excellent quality. Cummins generator is the largest independent engine manufacturer in the world, and the product line includes diesel and alternative fuel engines.


At present, the Cummins generator has two joint ventures in China, namely, Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Cummins Generator Co., Ltd.


The Cummins generator has the following advantages:


1, after several generators are connected, a large power generator is supplied to the load. According to the size of the load, several generators are decided to operate. The minimum fuel consumption of the unit is at the rated load of 75%, so as to save diesel and reduce generator cost.

2, achieve uninterrupted power supply to ensure normal production of plant. When the unit is switched to use, it can start the standby unit first, then stop the original operation unit. There is no need for power failure in the middle.

3, multiple units parallel operation, when the load suddenly increases, the current impact is shared by many units, so that each unit's force is reduced, the voltage and frequency are stable, and the service life of the unit can be prolonged.