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The basic advantages of generating units
- May 12, 2017 -

The basic advantages of a generator set are

1. generator sets have more than 70 years of history, products are widely used in military, civilian, marine and other fields;

2 generation products supporting power all adopt high quality diesel oil produced by Yuchai machine;

3 supporting the motor for the products, brand-name manufacturers at home and abroad are: Kai Hua, Kaijieli, Eng, Standford, marathon, Lilaisenma, SIEMENS, Qiang Hui, Magt;

4. digital control system is highly intelligent. It can provide different functions such as remote computer remote control, group control, remote measurement, automatic combination and automatic fault protection according to the different demands of users;

5. powerful power, at 1000m below the sea level, can output nameplate rated power, and in less than 1 hours output rated power 110% super load power;

6., the rate of fuel consumption and lube oil consumption is much better than domestic similar products;

7. small vibration, low noise, high reliability;

8. low emissions, in line with national environmental protection requirements;