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The cause of the power decline caused by the long time of the generator
- Dec 11, 2017 -

When people use diesel generator sets, there is always such a problem with a long time, while the decline of diesel generator set power is the most common one. So what are the reasons? Diesel generator manufacturers to explain to you why the decline in diesel generator power What are the reasons.

1, Diesel generator air filter is too dirty, can not breathe enough air, so people need to regularly clean the air filter unit;

2, the fuel filter is too dirty, prompting the diesel generator can not have enough fuel injection, this time you need to promptly clean the filter device, when necessary, need to replace the new air filter;

3, the last reason may be the ignition timing of the diesel engine is wrong, if so, you need to make an adjustment of the ignition time of the unit.

Diesel engine power is basically the reason for these, so people need to pay attention to when using the unit air filter and fuel filter cleaning, so to ensure that the unit's power is normal, in order to allow the normal and stable operation of the diesel engine.