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The correct use of generator sets
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Before the user purchases a new generator device, it is necessary to read the "Generator Usage and Maintenance Manual" and the diesel engine, generator, control panel, and related maintenance and maintenance manual that are provided with the generator in order to avoid failure due to improper operation. The following generator manufacturers give you a brief summary of the correct use of the generator set.

Preparation before starting

1. Dust, water traces, rust and other foreign matter attached to the cleaning unit;

2, a comprehensive inspection of the unit, whether the connection is tight, the operating mechanism is flexible, whether there is oil dirt in the air filter, the crankshaft rotation there is no catch;

3, check the cooling system, pipe leaks or obstruction (including air resistance) phenomenon;

4. Check whether the oil level is on the scale line of the oil scale, and whether the fuel oil of the fuel pump and the governor is sufficient;

5, check the governor lever and oil pump rack connection reliability and flexibility, but also check whether there is enough oil;

6. Check if there are leaks and oil leaks in the pipe joints of the diesel engine supply, lubrication, and cooling systems;

7, all components within the control panel should be complete, clean, no damage, no loosening;

8, check the fuel tank fuel stock, open the fuel switch, loosen the high pressure pump bleeder bolts, remove the air in the fuel line, tighten the deflated bolts;

9. Check that all electrical circuits (including charging and starting circuits) are connected correctly and in good contact;

10. Disconnect the silicon rectifiers, capacitors, etc., and measure the insulation resistance of the primary circuit and rotor windings to ground with a 500-volt megohmmeter. The insulation resistance shall not be less than 3 megohms. Otherwise, drying measures shall be taken.

11. Check that the wiring from the generator to the switch panel should be correct. The negative load is connected to the control panel through the double-throw switch and it should be isolated from the power grid (air is open and should be in the short-circuit position; the generator U, V, W terminals and the control panel mother Row corresponds to);

12. Check whether the position of each switch on the control panel is normal, the main switch should be in the opening position, and the control panel with automatic pressure adjustment should be placed in the manual position;

13. The meter (except frequency meter) pointer should refer to zero;

Startup of the unit

1. Put the switch on the switch screen in the manual position;

2, open the fuel switch, while the fuel control handle fixed at 700 rev / min or so throttle position;

3. Continuously pump the oil manually with the high pressure oil pump switch handle until there is oil pump resistance and the injector emits a crisp hum;

4. Put the switch handle of the oil pump on the working position, and push the decompression valve to the decompression position;

5. Start the diesel engine with the crank handle or pressing the electric start button. When the diesel engine reaches a certain speed, quickly pull the shaft down to the working position to start the diesel engine.

6. After the diesel engine is started, move the electric key back to the middle position. The speed should be controlled at 600 to 700 rpm. Pay close attention to the oil pressure and the instructions on the table (for details of the working oil pressure, refer to the manual for each type of diesel engine). If there is no indication of oil pressure, it shall be stopped immediately;

7. If the unit runs normally at a low speed, increase the rotation speed to 1000-1200R/M warm-up. When the water temperature is 50-60°C and the oil temperature reaches 45°C, increase the rotation speed to 1500R/M. Distribution table frequency table should be around 50HZ, voltage meter is 380 ~ 410V, if the voltage is high or low when the magnetic field rheostat can be adjusted;

8. If the unit is working normally, close the air switch between the generator and the negative plant, then gradually increase the load and send it to the outside;