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The hazards of overheating and over-cooling of diesel engines
- Dec 25, 2017 -

一、The danger of overheating of the generator

a. Generator operating temperature is too high, the air thermal expansion is too large, reducing the efficiency of the inflatable, so that the power generator down.

b. Premature combustion and deflagration tend to increase, because the parts bear additional impact load caused by the early damage.

c. The normal movement of the gap (thermal expansion and contraction) is destroyed, motion block, wear and tear even worse.

d. Lubrication deteriorated, increasing friction and wear parts.

e. The mechanical properties of the part decrease, resulting in deformation or damage.


一、The harm of supercooling of the generator

a. The mixed gas (or air) temperature into the cylinder is too low, the quality of the combustible mixture is poor (atomization is bad), the ignition is difficult or the combustion is slow, resulting in the decrease of the power of the generator and the increase of fuel consumption (the heat loss is much, and the fuel condenses into the crankcase).

b. The water vapor in the burning product is easily condensed into water and forms acid with the acid gas, which aggravates the erosion of the body and the parts.

c. The oil film of the non vaporized fuel flushing and diluting the surface of the parts (cylinder wall, piston, piston ring, etc.) to aggravate the wear and tear of the parts.

d. The viscosity of the lubricating oil increases, the fluidity is poor, the lubrication is bad, the wear of the machine parts is aggravated and the power consumption is increased.


It can be seen that the normal working temperature of the generator is an important condition for ensuring the good working performance and the service life of the generator.