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The methods of shutdown the diesel generator and precautions
- Dec 06, 2017 -

Diesel generator shutdown can be divided into two types: normal shutdown and emergency shutdown.

      Normal Shutdown - Before shutting down, remove the load first, and then adjust and adjust the governor lever, gradually reduce the speed to 750r / min or so, and then turn the parking handle for 3 ~ 5min. Stop as far as possible not under full load Diesel will soon stop to prevent accidents such as overheating. For 12-cylinder V-type diesel engine, turn the electric key from "left" to "middle" after stopping to prevent the battery current from flowing backwards. When operating in a cold area and parking, open the drain valve at the side of the machine, fresh water pump, oil cooler (or cooling pipe) and radiator immediately after parking, and drain the cooling water to prevent freezing. If you use antifreeze coolant do not need to open the drain valve. Diesel engine needs to be stored for a long time, the last stop, the original oil should be let go, use sealed oil, and then run about 2min storage. If the use of antifreeze coolant, should also be released.

       EMERGENCY STOP - In the event of a diesel engine, take the emergency stop to avoid a serious accident on the diesel engine. The pressure of the lubricating oil suddenly drops; the diesel engine does not sound normally; the flywheel is loose and the phenomenon of abnormal swinging occurs; the speeding of the diesel engine (speed train); the temperature of the diesel engine rises sharply; the pipeline of the diesel engine breaks; the flammable and explosive gas on the diesel engine is used.