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The service life of generator's turbocharger
- May 14, 2018 -

Turbocharger uses lubricating oil from the main oil gallery of the generator set, and lubricate in the form of pressure, to ensure the long life of the turbocharger. we should pay attention to these points:


1. Before the lubricating oil pressure of the generator set is established, the generator set must be kept at idle speed. After the generator is started, it needs to run for 3 minutes at idle speed. If acceleration occurs immediately after start-up, the turbocharger will work at maximum speed if the bearings are not sufficiently lubricated, and the bearings will be damaged due to inadequate lubrication.


2. Before the genset shuts down, gradually decrease its temperature and speed from the maximum value.


3. Avoid the idle running of the generator for a long time.


4. When the turbocharger is replaced or the generator set is not used for a long time, there are few lubricants in the turbocharger. Before replacing the turbocharger or starting the generator, the lubricant must be injected into the turbocharger.


5.  Must be kept clean when removing the supercharger.


6. When the turbocharger malfunctions, it should be checked in time to eliminate the malfunction to ensure resume normal use.


When the turbocharger is dismantled, the inlet and return pipes  of the turbocharger. The pressure chamber of the oil is not pressure relief, forming enough pressure to lubricate all moving parts.