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Three filter maintenance and routine maintenance for diesel generator
- Jun 04, 2018 -

The three filters refer to the fuel filter core, the air filter core and the oil filter core of the diesel generating set. The three filters are related to the full combustion of the unit and whether it can achieve continuous power supply effect. In the maintenance of diesel generating sets, the most important item is the replacement of three filters. This is the problem with WAGNA generator manufacturers.


In the engine maintenance project, the most important thing is to replace the three filters, of course, to clean the oil and fuel, so as to protect the normal operation of the engine. If we insist on not changing the "three filters", the power or more or less will be affected. For example, if the fuel filter is not good, the nozzle will be blocked. It will take more time to clean the nozzle. And if the oil gets dirty, the situation is very bad. Because the role of oil is not only lubrication, it also has the role of cleaning, cooling, noise reduction, sealing and so on.


Therefore, we can see that it will be helpful to improve the use effect of the diesel generator set and prolong the service life of the three parts of the diesel generator set.


一.Daily maintenance

1, check the daily work of diesel generator. It

2. Check diesel generator: Oil plane and coolant plane. It

3. Whether the diesel generator has any damage or leakage, and whether the belt is loose or worn.


二. weekly maintenance

1, repeat the daily grade a diesel generator check. It

2, check the air cleaner, clean or replace the air cleaner core. It

3, release the fuel tank and the water or sediment in the fuel filter. It

4, check the water filter. It

5, check the starting battery. It

6. Start the diesel generator and check if there is any effect. It

7. Heat sink at the front and rear ends of the cooler with air and water.

The automatic diesel generating set is widely used in the power supply of the power users after the power break out of the city, such as the school, the hospital, the hotel, the building, the real estate, the information center, the industrial and mining enterprises. The products are characterized by strong breaking ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical action, convenient combination, strong seriation, strong practicality, novel structure and high protection grade.