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Two cases of oil replacement for diesel generator set
- Oct 16, 2017 -

In the process of using diesel generator set, it is necessary to check the use of the oil in time, replace the new oil in time to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set. The following starlight technicians for you detailed description of the diesel generator unit replacement of two kinds of new engine oil:


Diesel generator oil change is divided into normal and abnormal condition:


When abnormal condition refers to the diesel generator for maintenance and after the long time does not use the diesel generator after the large fault repair after running for 50 hours to replace the new machine oil, there is a long time without the use of diesel generators also, before use to measure each index of oil is normal,

can use the new oil and the oil droplet comparison in the white paper, if you use the oil in the dark brown should be replaced, there is the use of the detection of oil viscosity, the new oil and used in oil discharge in the same two glass tube sealed at the same time, inverted, record bubble rise time, if the two bubbles rise time is more than twenty percent Oil viscosity should be changed too much, and the oil in use shouldbe replaced.


The new diesel generator normally need to replace a new oil in the first 50 hours after operation, this machine is mainly during the run in period, don't forget to replace the oil filter in time to replace the new oil, engine oil and oil filter should be replaced with 250 hours, suggest to change a new oil operation time the diesel

generator set in the daily operation, a maximum of not more than 300 hours, if the diesel generator every day is not frequent operation, also can be replaced once a month, the replacement time and oil type oil quality is associated with good oil can operate 400 hours after the replacement, the diesel generator set different power and different

manufacturers of the performance parameters are not the same, so adding oil is not the same, what type of oil ? Please add specific Consulting professionals, the same type of engine oil also has good or bad points, good oil use time is longer, better effect.