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Ventilation of diesel generator set room is very important
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Adequate air circulation must be ensured in order to discharge engines, generators and their ancillary equipment.

Generated heat, smoke and exhaust gases, and replenish the air needed for combustion. Ventilation air flow should ensure that the room temperature rises below 10 degrees. Cold diesel generator sets

However, the system is closed and the cooling medium is recycled. The cooling medium used is generally air, hydrogen and water.

1, Air cooling.

Air cooling is done by means of a fan, with cold air against the end of the diesel generating set winding, generator set stator and rotor

After blowing heat, cool air absorbs heat and turns into hot air. After the initial convergence of the air between the stator and the rotor, it exits through the air duct of the iron core.

Cool through a cooler. The cooled air is then sent by the fan to the inside of the generator for recycling.

2, Hydrogen cooling.

Hydrogen cooling uses hydrogen as a cooling medium. The heat dissipation performance of hydrogen is better than that of air.

3, Water cooling.

Water cooling is the use of a stator and rotor with internal cooling in double water.

Because the heat dissipation performance of water is much higher than that of air and hydrogen, large-scale generator sets generally use water cooling.