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Water quality control measures of generator internal cold water system
- Nov 30, 2017 -

With the improvement of science and technology, in today's generator market, high-parameter, high-capacity generators emerge in an endless stream, and generators are also designed to be more water-cooled. For generators equipped with internal cold water systems, water quality control measures are indispensable.

As the internal cooling water in the high-voltage electric field as a cooling medium, the quality requirements must be based on the premise of ensuring the safe and economical operation of the generator. Generator water quality within the cold should meet the following technical requirements:

① adequate insulation (that is, lower conductivity) to prevent the generator coil short circuit.

② on the generator copper wire and cold water system is non-corrosive.

③ Do not allow impurities in the generator cold water fouling in the hollow wire, so as not to reduce the cooling effect, so that the generator coil over-temperature, resulting in insulation aging and failure.


There are many ways to control the quality of cold water in the generator. Small capacity of less than 125MW for small units generally use copper corrosion inhibitor and frequent replacement of cold water to meet the water quality control requirements, while the large unit is the generator with a small mixed bed bypass treatment of cold water Process.

The former can slow down the copper rod corrosion, but may precipitate the copper channel due to the formation of copper complex corrosion inhibitor; the latter can reduce the conductivity of the cold water, but can not prevent the corrosion of the copper rod of the generator . It is worth noting that there is a very close relationship between the quality of the generator's internal cooling water system, the insulation performance of the generator and the corrosion rate of the copper rod. It can be said that the water quality control measures of the internal cooling water system can directly affect the operating status of the generator , So Starlight reminds everyone to do a good job of water quality control of the generator within the cold water system.