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What are the precautions for generator use?
- May 12, 2017 -

We know that in the generator factory before is the seal, which is to prevent the equipment easy to rust, therefore, the new units installed, meet the installation requirements, must be opened to start, otherwise will cause a dangerous speed. The main step for Yangzhou Kai diesel generator manufacturers to give users a detailed introduction.

1, heating the diesel oil to 45 degrees ~56 degrees Celsius, to wash and wipe off the exterior antirust oil;

2, the water is heated above 90 degrees, and then from the water outlet of the water jacket continuously poured into the water, by the side of the cylinder body of the switch (or pump inlet) continuous outflow, 2--3 hours, and continuously rotate the crankshaft, the antirust oil piston and cylinder liner surface dissolution and other scattered out;

3, with a clean diesel oil sump cleaning, and change into the fuel oil cooling system, and the new fuel injection control system, water pump, start the transmission system should be cleaned and checked according to the instructions, and the cleaning of cooling water, adequate starting battery, do the preparatory work before the start.