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What is the improvement in the performance of diesel generating units after pressurization?
- May 12, 2017 -

1, power, diesel generators diesel engine after pressurized intake air volume increases, the amount of oil also increases, so leaving the diesel engine power is greatly increased, power has been improved.

2, emissions, diesel engine pressurization after the increase in the amount of gas to change the density of the mixed gas, so that the mixed gas becomes thinner, reducing the emissions of harmful substances, so the boost is conducive to reducing emissions.

3, the consumption rate, the supercharged diesel generating unit after the excessive air coefficient greatly improved, which is conducive to improving the combustion process, improve the working cycle of the instructions thermal efficiency. Thus reducing the diesel fuel consumption rate of diesel generators.

4, combustion and exhaust noise, diesel engine pressurization, due to compression pressure and intake air temperature increases, so that the fuel gas shortened, reducing combustion noise. The exhaust gas can be further expanded in the turbine, so the exhaust noise will also drop.