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Whether a diesel generator can be used in bad weather
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Influenced by the El Nino phenomenon, there are many natural disasters and torrential rain in many parts of China. The power supply department will cut off the power in a considerable area to ensure the safety of the masses.

First, it is necessary to determine the way of lightning protection for generators, mainly according to the size of generators, the intensity of local lightning activities and the reliability of power supply.

Theory and practice prove that after the transformer and overhead transmission lines connected to the generator, as long as the reliable protection of transformer, generally do not need to take further measures for lightning protection of generator, CAAC, especially important generator without direct overhead wiring, to prevent lightning high voltage side of transformer transformer after wave generator insulation endanger should be in line with the generator, a group of arrester magnetic blow.

The generator directly connected to overhead distribution lines must be protected against lightning. According to the design specifications of the national standard, different lightning protection measures should be adopted for generator insulation according to different conditions. A lightning arrester is usually used to protect the lightning arrester for high pressure rotary motor. The lightning arrester should be installed near the generator. In general, the arrester can be installed in the motor at the outlet; as in every group on the bus the generator does not exceed two units, or stand-alone capacity of not more than 500kW, and the lightning arrester distance is less than 50m when the lightning arrester can also be installed in each group on the bus when the motor with the neutral point can leads and not directly grounded, should set up a magnetic blow or common valve type arrester installed in the neutral point. The outdoor use of generator equipment must pay attention to lightning protection and ensure the safety of the person.