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Why does the generator shut down when the engine oil is low?
- May 12, 2017 -

The generator is mainly to see it the motor and power, a good generator, its motor and power are just fine, if the motor and the power of the dealer is also a bad repair can not only send the factory maintenance, If the generator appears a little problem General individuals can handle, the following is the general small and medium-sized gasoline engine generators and diesel generators can arise problems and treatment methods:

When oil is low, why does it stop automatically?

When the oil is low, the engine internal oil warning switch will ignition coil of the primary coil ground, so that the ignition coil can not ignite, the engine flameout. Check the oil level is the standard method: the engine in a horizontal position, unscrew the oil dipstick, clean and then dry the oil into the mouth (do not have to rotate), and then pull out, check the oil level in the middle of the dipstick can be.

What must I do when the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is damaged?

The generator is not generating electricity, the most common failure is the automatic voltage regulator damage, so some people found that the generator is not generating electricity, often with the new AVR to replace the old AVR approach to solve. When the user did this and found that the new AVR used a few minutes after the loss of function, and then complained that the quality of AVR is not good. In fact, AVR damage, often because the user overload the use of generating units, causing the rotor short circuit, resulting in damage to the AVR, so before replacing the AVR must first check the rotor resistance is normal (such as EC2500CX resistance is 45-50 female mother). If the rotor of the power group is not normal, first replace the rotor after replacing the AVR.

Generator set rental recommended you long (more than three months) do not use the following steps to keep:

A. Put the oil in the crankcase.

B. Raise the oil level of the new oil to the oil dipstick.

C. Remove the fuel from the tank and carburetor.

D. Close the choke and pull the starter handle to the point where you feel the resistance.