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10 Billion Yuan! Zhejiang Power To Build The World's First Class Urban Distribution Network In The Next 4 Years
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Hangzhou, Ningbo and Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin have been included in the State Grid Corporation 10 world-class city distribution network construction model city. In the city of Hangzhou 683 square kilometers, Ningbo City, 271 square kilometers within the scope of investment of about 10000000000 yuan, with 4 years, built "safe and reliable, cost-effective, green, low carbon, intelligent interaction," first-class city distribution network to adapt to distributed Photovoltaic and other new energy access, large-scale electric vehicle charging needs, fully integrated into Hangzhou, Ningbo smart city construction. By then, users in Hangzhou and Ningbo downtown will have no more than five minutes of outages every year, and the passing rate of voltage will reach 100%. Electricity customers will basically not feel a power outage. This is March 31 State Grid Zhejiang Power Company released the news.