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China Power Equipment Market Outlook
- Oct 12, 2017 -

China's power generation equipment status, the current global power generation equipment annual sales of 300 to 400billion US dollars, most of them are steam turbines and gas turbines. Annual maintenance of existing power plant equipment, the cost

of providing parts and components of about 25 billion US dollars. According to market research results show that the current global installed power generation equipment, the total installed capacity of 1.16 billion kw.General Electric accounted for the largest share of 32%; Siemens AG accounted for 200%; Alstom accounted for 17%.

In the North American market, power generation equipment accounted for 50% of the world's total, 33% in Asia, Australia and the Middle East, and 9% in Europe. Since the reform and opening up 20 years, China's power generation equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, to adapt to the needs of national economic development, more than 80% of domestic installed capacity is made, 300,000 kw, 600,000 kw fire unit has become the main genset, power plants, power grids are to achieve a large-scale development stage.