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Generator Composition
- May 12, 2017 -

The generator is usually composed of stator, rotor, end cover, brush, frame and bearing.

The stator is composed of a frame, a stator core, a wire wrapped winding, and other structural members which are used for fixing the parts.

The rotor is composed of a rotor core, a rotor magnetic pole (a magnetic pole, a magnetic pole winding), a slip ring, (also called a copper ring, a collector ring), a fan and a rotating shaft.

The generator through the bearing, frame and cover the generator stator and rotor assembly connected together, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator, the slip ring into certain excitation current of the stator into a rotating magnetic field, the stator coil to cut magnetic force lines, thereby producing EMF leads through the terminal, connected to the in the circuit, they generate electricity. As the brush is connected with the rotor, there is a break at the rotor, so that the rotor in a certain direction to produce alternating current, so the family circuit and other circuits are alternating current, referred to as alternating current. The frequency of the output current of the power grid is 50 hz.