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Guizhou Energy Supervision Office Implements The Work Of Electric Power Safety
- Dec 09, 2017 -

Recently, Guizhou Energy Regulatory Office held a seminar on power safety work. Guizhou power safety supervision departments responsible comrades participating.

The meeting publicized the "National Development and Reform Commission National Energy Board on promoting the reform and development of electric power safety in the implementation of the views" and the Office of the State Council Security Committee on the comprehensive strengthening of the safety responsibility system for employees of the relevant requirements, heard the power plant safety work Report the situation, arrange the end of the year electric power safety work related to the deployment of the Guizhou power industry the first "safety production law" propaganda week activities.

Meeting requirements, a plan to advance, combined with the weather characteristics of Guizhou, full peak winter and cryogenic freezing power reserve preparation to ensure that in extreme cases does not occur malignant, major and dangerous accidents. Second, we must further implement the main responsibility for enterprise safety production in accordance with the implementation opinions on promoting the reform and development in the field of power safety production and in combination with the requirement of strengthening the overall responsibility system for production safety of employees. Third, we must take a flexible and diverse form and we all love to hear about it. We will organize the study and promotion of relevant laws and regulations such as the "Law of Safety Production" on a centralized basis so as to create a strong atmosphere of learning law, respecting law, observing the law and using law well and doing a good job in propaganda week. Fourth, we must strengthen the construction site safety control and hidden trouble investigation and management, to ensure the safety of power construction. Fifth, we must strengthen the special time duty watch and emergency management, timely disposal of emergencies to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system and livelihood electricity.