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How To Prevent Diesel Generators From Being Burned Down?
- May 12, 2017 -

Diesel generator, data center, engine room, one of the power equipment, and burned in diesel generator sets is a common occurrence. In order to make the data center normal operation is not affected, to prevent the diesel generator burned during the operation, in addition to a variety of technical protection measures necessary for the protection of the operation before, following the selection of useful measures:

1, let the diesel generator unit speak hygiene

Diesel generating units in operation, if there is dust, water stains and other debris into the interior, will constitute a short medium, can damage the insulation layer of interturn short circuit current increases, temperature and burning of diesel generator. Therefore, should prevent dust, water stains and other debris into the diesel generator with internal, but also often to external diesel generator cleaning, cooling ribs do not let diesel generator with dust and other debris, ensure the heat of diesel generator out of color.

2, frequently inquires, listens carefully, smells the strange smell, stops immediately

Inquire whether the diesel generating set has vibration, noise and abnormal smell. In the operation of diesel generator sets, especially the large power diesel generator sets, it is necessary to check the anchor bolts, diesel generator sets, end caps, bearing gland, etc. whether they can be loose or not, and whether the grounding devices can be reliable. If it is found that the vibration of diesel generator sets is aggravated, the noise increases and the peculiar smell occurs, it is necessary to stop the engine as soon as possible to find out the cause and eliminate the disadvantages.

3, adhere to the diesel generator set operating current is large

Because of the excessive load, the low voltage or mechanical clamping of the diesel engine will cause the overload operation of the diesel generator set. Therefore, diesel generating units in operation, should pay attention to always check the transmission of work can active and reliable; whether the standard coupling concentricity; gear transmission flexibility, if it is found that the seizure appearance, should stop cleaning defects after the operation.

4 、 punctuality check and repair diesel generator control equipment to ensure its normal operation

The technical condition of the control equipment of diesel generator sets plays a decisive role in the normal launching of diesel generator set. Therefore, the control equipment of diesel generator set should be located in a monotonous, ventilated and easy to operate position, and be punctual for dust removal. Always check the contactor, the coil iron core, connecting screws can be reliable, mechanical parts will keep them active, excellent technology, and ensure smooth operation of diesel generator without being burned.

5, often check whether the temperature and temperature rise of diesel generator in operation are too high

Should always check whether the diesel generator unit bearings overheating, lack of oil, if the temperature near the bearing is too high, it should be stopped inspection. There are no cracks, scratches or damages on the roll body and raceway surface of the bearing, whether the bearing space can sway too much or not, whether the inner ring is changed on the shaft or not. With the above appearance, it is necessary to update the bearings.

6 、 always check whether the three-phase current of diesel generator can be balanced

Three phase asynchronous diesel generator set, the difference between its three-phase current and the average value of any one phase current and other two-phase current is not allowed to exceed 10%, so as to ensure the safe operation of diesel generator set. If the Passover is marked with diesel generators have shortcomings, reason should be identified and remove the shortcomings after operation.