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How To Reduce The Fuel Consumption Of Diesel Generator Set
- May 12, 2017 -

Diesel generator leader time work, produce oil consumption big problem, how can reduce fuel consumption? Our generator manufacturers have summarized the following methods for you:

Add in the oil agent can improve the diesel engine to reduce fuel consumption, improve diesel oil refining agent is a kind of pure refined oil products, and accommodation is very strong, it adjust the fuel mixing ratio of various molecules, activated molecules changed

The child links, reduce fuel oxidation, inhibit floc, change the combustion conditions, improve fuel combustion value, increase engine power, fuel system cleaning, maintenance of atomization unobstructed, avoid black smoke, improve fuel quality, make

The fuel is fully burned so as to improve exhaust gas, and if the improver is added to the diesel tank in the platform, the fuel economy can be saved.

In addition, the diesel improver is used:

1 remove the gel, clean diesel and diesel additive system, its pure activator can promote the gel in the fuel supply system of coke and colloid and other harmful substances, 5 times continuously add sunsincere diesel fuel additive, exhaust pipe

The deposition of carbon is obviously reduced, and the filter, exhaust gas and fuel system are all very clean.

2, reduce noise, reduce wear and prolong the service life of the engine, excessive engine noise, in addition to the diesel vehicle sealing is poor, but also because the engine internal product of carbon impurity, such as colloid sludge, accelerated engine wear. clean

The power of God in a new generation of diesel fuel additives in cleaning, lubrication, anti oxygen and other effects can greatly improve this phenomenon, the removal of carbon deposition, glioma can significantly reduce engine wear, thereby reducing the engine noise, prolonging the service life of the engine.

3. eliminate black smoke and reduce emissions. Because of poor atomization and incomplete combustion of diesel fuel, a large amount of black smoke is formed, and the diesel additive can effectively reduce the activation energy of combustion, so that the non flammable gum in the oil can be fully combusted so as to achieve the goal

Eliminate black smoke and reduce the effect of emission. After five times of continuous addition, the eye can see the obvious decrease or even complete elimination of the black smoke.