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Low Temperature Starting Method For Generator
- May 12, 2017 -

At low temperatures, the imported generator brand Cummins generator sets are prone to excessive cooling, resulting in failure to start. Jiangsu Chemsunny summary of low temperature start Cummins diesel generator set in the form of the following.

1, flame preheating start

The minimum working temperature of the flame preheating device is -40 degrees centigrade, and the working process is automatic electronic control. The flame preheating and starting device is composed of an electronic controller, an electromagnetic valve, a temperature sensor, a flame preheating plug, an oil pipe and a conducting wire. The working process of the device is that when the electric heating plug is heated to 850-950 DEG C, the switch is connected with the starter, and the electromagnetic valve automatically opens the oil circuit, supplies oil to the electrothermal plug through the fuel pipe, and fires the preheating to start.

2. Add cold starting fluid

Cold starting fluid is a kind of auxiliary fuel (by ether, hydrocarbons, low volatilization point and low pour point oil with additives, the additive composition) with the low pour point oil can improve the lubricating condition of the cylinder wall, achieving the purpose of starting. Choose to start this starting mode, should better atomization starting fluid, and control the injection injection location and the injection amount of time. In addition, do not spray directly into the starting fluid from the air inlet of the air filter, so as not to affect the quality of the air filter cartridge and increase the injection volume of the lifting liquid, causing the engine to start running at a high speed.

3, circulating water heating system (also called fuel heater heating system)

This is the new way of using low temperature auxiliary starting in recent years, the low temperature starting way is through the fuel heater coolant pump with the engine body is drawn out by heating the fuel heater is then recirculated to the engine body, the heating engine, to start the engine to under low temperature conditions.