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Method For Detecting Camshaft Of Diesel Generator Set
- May 12, 2017 -

In the use of a diesel generator, if one or two camshafts are worn, the corresponding valve does not open to the desired opening for normal operation. This will result in a decrease in air or fuel intake into these cylinders. Therefore, volumetric efficiency is reduced. In this case, the camshaft needs to be removed to check that the cam is worn and that the tappet should be checked against the manufacturer's standard values when the engine is disassembled. Our diesel generator manufacturers have summarized the following methods for testing camshaft of diesel generator sets:

1. remove the camshaft. Lift with a dial indicator or micrometer to check the camshaft, see is not excessive wear.

2. place the camshaft on the V iron so that it can turn and check whether the bending meets the requirements.

The 3 rotation cam, cam with dial indicator measuring convex part.

4 micrometer or micrometer. Check the minimum diameter of each cam, will lift height minus the maximum diameter of this size is the cam cam, comparing each amount of convex cam and lift, comparing the wear and factory regulations, the maximum amount of wear of cam allowed is usually about 0.005in.

5. after removing the camshaft, check whether the thrust pad is excessively worn or scratched.

At the end of 6 will be in the camshaft gauge ang.

7. move the camshaft along the axis of the cam to measure the clearance. The axial clearance of the camshaft is 0.001-0.010in.

8. non qualified camshafts shall be replaced, and the flush timing must be marked at the time of installation.