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Pakistan Carlot Heavy-Boiler Power Station Generator Set Completed Its First Successful Startup
- May 29, 2018 -

At the launching ceremony, the project owner, General Manager of the Three Gorges Development Group, fully affirmed Gezhouba Energy's professional and technical level and the spirit of hard work and hard work. The smooth progress of the heavy oil power station will be the construction power required for the construction of the Kalot Hydropower Station. Provide strong protection. After more than one year of cooperation, the two sides have not only achieved success but also established a profound friendship, laying a solid foundation for further in-depth cooperation in the follow-up project.


Carroll heavy oil power station is another important achievement of the company in responding to the national “Belt and Road” strategy and the group’s “going out” strategy. It is also the second heavy oil power station project constructed in Pakistan and will provide construction and living facilities for the Karolute hydropower station. Electricity, the power plant installed capacity of 15MW, using three 9H32/40 heavy oil generator sets.


In order to ensure the regular production of the Calott Heavy Oil Power Station, all employees of the project have overcome many natural disasters, poor construction conditions, material shortages, labor management, and language and cultural difficulties. They have been brave enough to fight ahead, fight for rain, fight heat, unite hard work, and achieved design and civil engineering. All node targets such as installation and installation are implemented on schedule or ahead of schedule, creating conditions for generating power in advance for the entire heavy oil power station project, winning favorable comments from owners and related departments, and establishing a good corporate international image.


It is reported that Pakistan’s Carroll Hydropower Project is located on the Ghiram River in Pakistan, with a total installed capacity of 720 MW (4×180 MW) and an average annual power generation of 3.206 billion kWh. It has been listed as a priority for the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. The energy cooperation projects and the “Belt and Road” key projects are the first hydropower investment projects that have been included in the joint declarations of China, Pakistan, and Kestin.


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