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Sichuan Airlines Pilot Epic Forced Landing On Foreign Media Praised: He Is A Hero
- May 16, 2018 -

On the morning of May 14th, Sichuan Airlines' 3U8633 Chongqing to Lhasa flight took off from the windshield of the right-hand seat of the cockpit, and the crew implemented an emergency descent. The Chengdu Shuangliu Airport was safely prepared to descend and all passengers landed safely. During the period, the crew completed the "epic level" disposal, making the foreign media shocked and praised the pilot as a hero.


Captain Liu Chuan-Jian recalled that during the preparation process, "a very difficult matter, not an ordinary one. Difficulty is reflected in the case that the canopy cover is dropped during flight and the cockpit windshield is cracked, causing great bodily harm to the driver. After the windshield is dropped, the first thing you face is the loss of pressure. A sudden pressure change can cause great damage to the eardrum. Temperature dropped to minus 20-30 degrees Celsius (Monitoring shows that at the time the aircraft was flying at a height of 32,000 feet, the temperature should be minus 40 degrees Celsius).  Extreme cold can cause frostbite in the driver's body. In the cockpit, the instrument panel was lifted and the noise was so great that you couldn't hear anything. Most radio malfunctions can only be performed with a visual level meter. ”


Foreign media: The pilot is a hero

Major international media such as CNN, Reuters, and Indian TV have conducted detailed reports on this matter. Among them, the British media are particularly concerned about this, the British "Daily Mail" is more in the report will be Sichuan Airlines pilots called "heroes."

The Daily Mail detailedly reported on the entire process of Sichuan Airlines pilots performing emergency go-downs. They praised the pilots and said that performing these operations from an altitude of 32,000 feet was "inconceivable."


Daily Mail report screenshot


Reuters report screenshot

A lot of foreign netizens left a message after the news of the Sichuan Airlines incident. “Thank God, the passengers are safe.” “I can't imagine how nervous the situation was at the moment, and I hope the crew can quickly recover.” There are also foreign netizens who praised the crew for “beautiful” and “crew members should receive corresponding honors”. British netizens are also reminded of similar incidents in British Airways, claiming that several pilots are struggling to save their lives and are "respectable."

According to Captain Liu Chuan-Jian, this route he has already flown more than 100 times. The situation at that time was very urgent. He couldn't see it or hear it, he could only rely on experience to land. 

Assuming that the aircraft was flown by  a new captain, this may end with a tragedy.


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