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Storage And Storage Methods Of Diesel Generator Sets
- May 12, 2017 -

Storage and storage when not in use in a short time

1, put all the fuel;

2, Transfer the piston of the engine to the upper compression stop;

3, indoor storage, and cover cover, can not be placed in humid areas, not flammable, explosive and corrosive objects placed together, regularly rotate the crankshaft;

Two, long-term use and storage when not in use

1, according to the project does not use in the short term;

2, clear the unit surface layer of stolen goods, using compressed air method internal blowing unit, generator filled with desiccant, with thick paper generator end cover all ventilation cover, and rope 2.

3, the machine filter, air filter and so on in the engine oil;

4, Inject 100-200g oil into each cylinder from the exhaust manifold. Turn the crankshaft dozens of times so that the oil is distributed evenly in the cylinder and the piston is in the compression tdc.

5, Take off the valve compartment cover and lubricate the valve structure with the dehydrating oil.

6, the exhaust port, air filter, fuel tank vents, low-temperature starting device exhaust port and other oil paper sealed.