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The Belt And Road
- Sep 11, 2017 -

In August 23rd, Chinese new energy development alliance said in overseas investment "The Belt and Road" along the country's renewable energy projects, China should separate political and economic.


According to China's New Energy Overseas Development Alliance. To 2030, India, Japan, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East have the greatest potential for renewable energy growth.


"In order to achieve the sustainable development of the international renewable energy market, China's national energy strategy, national strategy and renewable energy strategy need not be completely matched." China New Energy Overseas Development League vice president and Secretary General Zhang Shiguo said.


"Belt and Road Initiative" initiative aimed at building a modern "Silk Road", Linking China to Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia with two ways of land and sea, and further extending to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.


According to the Chinese Electric Power Planning Design Institute data. To 2020, the "clean energy capacity The Belt and Road" along the 64 countries is expected to grow by 4%, while coal-fired power generation will decline.


"India is an important market in South Asia. However, given the current political ties, it is difficult for Chinese companies to enter the India market."Zhang Shiguo added: "I agree that it is difficult to grasp the India market, but both opportunities and difficulties exist."


The electric power planning and Design Institute data show that South Asia has a number of power projects 25 GW of installed capacity in the preparatory stage, other projects is still planning another 23 GW in.