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The Effect Of Diesel Engine Generator And The Principle Analysis Of Diesel Generator
- May 12, 2017 -

The effect of diesel engine generator and the principle analysis of diesel generator

1. charge to the battery to keep the battery fully charged

2. supply current to each appliance

3. only when the power generation of the generator is lower than the current consumed by the electric apparatus can the battery supply the power supply

So that the battery in the car after the start, the charging system is insufficient, the battery will supply current, otherwise the battery is only in charge of the state, the car's electrical appliance is without any pay (except outside filter). Basically, the current car, the generator current output is quite enough (at least 80A or more), in the car after the start, the entire car's electrical appliances depend on the output of the generator, and no direct relationship with the battery.

If the car with a lot of redundant electrical equipment, the need to strengthen the generator is not battery battery, after all the main role is in power generation starting or generator, electric current is lower than the consumption function. The car starting after the normal working voltage is about 14V, if the hair is less than the current consumption of electrical appliances, this will supply a current and voltage from the battery will be gradually reduced until the ignition or injection system not working properly and stalled, but the performance of the engine in the process of the poor (mainly for electric fire can reduce voltage).