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The Use And Maintenance Of Diesel Generator Sets
- May 12, 2017 -

Grade a maintenance (day maintenance)

1) check the work report of generator;

2) check the generator oil level and coolant level;

3) inspect the generator for damage or leakage, whether the belt is loose or worn;

4) check the air cleaner, clean the air cleaner core, and replace it if necessary;

5) release the water or sediment from the fuel tank and fuel filter;

6) check the water filter;

7) check the starting battery and battery, and add additional liquid when necessary;

8) start the generator and check that there is no sound;

9) use air guns to clean the water tank, cooler and cooling net dust.

B level maintenance

1) repeat grade a daily check;

2) replace the diesel filter every 100 to 250 hours;

All diesel filters must not be cleaned. They can only be replaced. 100 to 250 hours is only an elastic time, and must be replaced according to the actual cleanliness of the diesel;

3) replace the generator oil and oil filter every 200 to 250 hours;

Must the oil be in line with the U. S. API? Class CF above;

4) replace the air filter (the unit runs 300-400 hours);

Pay attention to the environment of the computer room and decide to change the time of the air filter. The filter can be cleaned with an air gun;

5) replace the water filter and add DCA concentration;

6) clean the crankcase breather strainer.

C level maintenance

The unit is operating for 2000-3000 hours. Please do the following work:

Repeat A, B level maintenance

1) remove the valve compartment cover and clean the grease and sludge;

2) fasten each part of the screw (including running part and fixed part);

3) use the engine cleaner to clean the crankcase, sludge, iron filings and sediments;

4) check the degree of turbocharger wear and cleaning carbon deposits, if necessary, tune;

5) check and adjust the valve clearance;

6) check the PT pump and injector operation, adjust the injector stroke, and adjust if necessary;

7) check and adjust the tightness of the fan belt and water pump belt, adjust or replace it when necessary: clean the radiator of the radiator, and check the service performance of the thermostat.

Minor repairs (D maintenance) (3000-4000 hours)

(L) check the degree of wear of valves, valve seats, etc., and repair or replace them as necessary;

2) check the status of PT pump and injector, repair and adjust when necessary;

3) check and adjust the torque of the connecting rod and the fastening screws;

4) check and adjust the valve clearance;

5) adjust the injector stroke;

6) check the tension of the fan charger belt;

7) cleaning the intake manifold coke;

8) cleaning the intercooler core;

9) clean the whole oil lubrication system;

10) clean the rocker chamber, the oil sludge of the oil pan and metal filings.

Medium maintenance (6000-8000 hours)

(1) with minor projects;

(2) decomposing the engine (except Qu Zhouwai);

(3) inspect the cylinder, piston, piston ring, intake and exhaust valve, crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, lubrication system and cooling system parts, replace if necessary;

(4) check fuel supply system and adjust oil pump nozzle;

(5) generator, electric ball repair test, clean oil sediment, lubrication ball bearing.

Overhaul (9000-15000 hours)

(1) intermediate maintenance projects;

(2) disintegration of the entire engine;

(3) replace the cylinder block, piston, piston ring, size bush, crankshaft thrust pad, intake and exhaust valve, a full set of engine overhaul package;

(4) adjust oil pump, injector, change pump core, injection head;

(5) replace the turbocharger overhaul kits, water pump repair kits;

(6) correct the connecting rod, crankshaft, engine block and so on, repair or replace when necessary.