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Three Cleaning Methods For Diesel Generator Set
- May 12, 2017 -

When the diesel generator is in charge of maintenance, the parts of the unit should be cleaned at the same time, and the oil, coke, scale and rust on the surface of the parts should be cleaned. Because of the different nature of various dirt, its cleaning method is not the same. The following diesel generator manufacturers to sum up.

1, carbon removal

The removal of coke can be done by simple mechanical cleaning, that is, by using metal brush or scraper, but this method is difficult to clean the carbon deposits and easy to damage the surface of the parts. The best way to use chemical methods to remove carbon deposits, that is, the first use of carbon removal agent (chemical solution) heating to 80~90 degrees, the expansion of the parts on the expansion of softening, and then brush and other cleaning.

2, oil cleaning

Oil deposition on the part surface should be scraped when it is thicker. Should be cleaned in the hot liquid cleaning parts of the surface oil, commonly used cleaning solution has alkaline cleaning liquid and synthetic detergent. When using alkaline cleaning liquid for thermal cleaning, heat up to 70~90 degrees centigrade. Immerse the parts in 10~15min, then remove them and rinse with clean water. Then dry them with compressed air.

Caution: it is not safe to use gasoline; aluminum alloy parts can not be cleaned in strong alkaline cleaning liquid; non-metal rubber parts should be cleaned by alcohol or brake fluid.

3. Scale removal

The scale usually adopts chemical cleaning method, adding the chemical solution of descaling to the cooling liquid, and then replacing the coolant after the engine has been working for some time. A chemical solution commonly used to remove scale are: caustic soda solution or hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium fluoride phosphate detergent detergent phosphate detergent suitable for removing scale Aluminum Alloy on parts.