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Why Should The Engine Change The Oil On Time?
- May 12, 2017 -

Why should the engine change the oil on time?

We've been talking about generators before, and today we're talking about why the generator needs to be replaced on time. What's the result if you don't change the oil?! Here is our generator manufacturer for your analysis:

First, the reasons for timely replacement of oil:

1, the engine oil has a shelf life, a long time will reduce performance, leading to mechanical wear parts accelerated wear.

2, oil in the engine through high temperature operation, its physical and chemical properties will change, and mechanical properties will change.

3, the engine running time is long, the oil in the impurities will increase, will increase the mechanical parts wear speed.

Two, the oil does not change on time, what are the serious consequences?

1, do not change the oil on time will bring too low oil pressure fault. The oil pressure is too low, the most direct consequence is that it will cause dry friction or dry friction between the matching parts, the engine will show obvious abnormal sound, and it will cause burning tile phenomenon.

2, do not change the oil on time, but also bring too high oil pressure problems. The oil pressure is too high will lead to premature damage to the gasoline filter, so that the engine cylinder, carbon and other faults. It also reduces engine life.

3, not on time to replace the oil will bring too much oil sludge problems. Sludge is usually due to high pressure in the combustion chamber of unburnt gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides through the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase oil, and then metal parts wear the mixed together, then slowly accumulate to form sludge.

4, do not change the oil on time, the most serious consequences are caused by the engine of all kinds of mechanical parts wear, such as piston and cylinder. Once the piston and cylinder problems, then the machine will need to overhaul, and overhaul is what every machine owners do not want to see.

Cylinder wear is serious

5, not on time to replace the oil will lead to high water temperature. As mentioned above, not changing the oil on time will result in too little oil storage, resulting in no lubrication or less oil in the lubrication system. At this time, the mechanical components of the engine will be in semi dry friction or dry friction state.

Special reminder:

1, the replacement of oil must be replaced at the same time, oil filter, must not covet, save money, while ignoring the replacement of oil filter. Why is that?

Because the dirt in the old filter will damage the quality of the new oil, thereby reducing the service life of the new engine oil.

2, in the fall, must remember to replace winter oil, and in the spring must replace summer oil, unless your oil is four seasons general oil.

Because winter oil slightly thinner, and in the summer, winter oil will be more thin, so that it is not conducive to the formation of oil film, but also exacerbate the wear and tear of mechanical components.

And summer oil to the winter will be more viscous, so that it is not conducive to the flow of oil, will lead to excessive carbon in the cylinder block of internal combustion engines, thereby increasing the wear and tear of mechanical components.


Replace the oil on time is very important, if not timely replacement will accelerate wear parts, affect the service life, and even lead to machine overhaul, more serious is in the process of working if sudden problems will lead to accidents of scuffing of cylinder bore and so on, it is very important to the regular inspection and timely replacement of machine oil.