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Product application scope

Offices are also set up in the major cities of the country, forming a strong sales service network to make the products sell well in large and medium-sized cities in Asia. Users spread across in all fields. we devoted in develop and research of Wagna G series generator units for Biogas & Natural Gas, which service to multiple industry as Natural Gas, coal mine, agriculture farm, animal feeding, garbage disposal & sewage treatment. Wagna D series of products for a variety of power demand solutions, including civil buildings, factories, transportation, medical, financial, telecom, military & defense, outdoor engineering, supermarket, power generating & transportation. Wagna M series generator units for multiple solutions as family usage and Civic enterprise. Because of its reliability, convenience and economy, it is widely used in family emergency, outdoor outing, gardening and field construction.Products have been subjected to high altitude environment, high-intensity use and other harsh tests. The company has registered "Wagna" trademark in China